About UMF Corporation

What We Do

UMF Corporation develops, manufactures, and distributes high performance textiles for the commercial cleaning and infection control markets under the brand name PerfectCLEAN®. The company, headquartered in the Chicago suburb of Northbrook, IL, is the only U.S. company that designs, engineers, and manufactures high-performance fibers and accessories to help its customers meet tough new challenges in public health and safety.

As UMF Corporation has evolved, we’ve learned that daily housekeeping using traditional cleaning methods just doesn't cut it anymore. Germs and contaminants threaten the health of everyone. That’s why we’ve focused considerable time and effort to develop new systems and advanced technologies to face new microbial invaders.

Where products like ours have traditionally been thought of as “low tech” housekeeping products, our research and patents have elevated PerfectCLEAN® and its related process systems into the environmental hygiene arena.

PerfectCLEAN® textiles deliver safer environmental hygiene with less effort, less waste, and less cost than traditional cleaning methods.

We not only believe in our products, but we believe in the people who use them. That’s why UMF Corporation is the annual sponsor of the Hygiene Specialist™ Excellence award and the new Guest Room Attendant recognition award, to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of these workers to Environmental Services, and guest safety and satisfaction.

Our Values


PerfectCLEAN products have been used and trusted by leading hospitals, hotels, and universities for the past decade.


All of our hardware comes with a guaranteed lifetime warranty. If it breaks, we will replace it at no cost, forever.


Our products can be reused over and over again. Plus they don't need harmful chemicals or solutions to clean effectively- just add water.


We believe everyone should have access to good hygiene and safe home, and the price of our products reflects that.