PerfectCLEAN fibers compared to bacteria and other biological components.
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PerfectCLEAN® high performance materials are knitted with the highest quality conjugated (splittable) micro-denier filaments which are made to our specification. These microscopic fibers are produced by a complex manufacturing process involving hundreds of variables that splits a polyester-polyamide conjugated filament (bicomponent) resulting in from 9 to 16 microscopic fibers. These “split” filaments achieve an individual fiber size of approximately 4-6 microns (bacteria range from 2 – 8 microns).

The microscopic size combined with the high percentage of fiber used dramatically increases the surface area of the finished material. For example, there is 300+ miles of fiber in a PerfectCLEAN (12” X 12”) wiper. The PerfectCLEAN® knitting process is proprietary and is easily understood when comparing microfiber products side-by-side. PerfectCLEAN® results in a high quality product with unrivaled performance, durability (hundreds of washes/uses), they are snag-free, and lint-free (particulate release) and PerfectCLEAN® is the only product patented with “built-in antimicrobial protection.”

These microscopic triangular fibers are capable of “trapping and removing” 99.99% of bacteria from hard surfaces. Independent laboratories and Fortune 500 companies have rigorously tested PerfectCLEAN’s efficacy and proven through in-service validation that PerfectCLEAN offers unrivaled performance and quality. Independent testing demonstrates that PerfectCLEAN® supports Class 10 (and lower) clean room classification.

PerfectCLEAN® performance is further enhanced by the material’s overall positive (+) electrostatic charge. In fact, the electrostatic charge developed by a PerfectCLEAN® wiper naturally is greater than the electrostatic charge developed by disposable dust sheets chemically. Dirt and dust particles, bacteria and pollen, and other organic particles all have a negative (-) charge. Thus, PerfectCLEAN® fibers literally act as thousands of tiny magnets (positively charged fibers attract negatively charged dust, dirt, etc.) attracting and binding all types of particles. When damp, fiber quality and quantity provides an enormous surface area within the material which accelerates and increases wicking of solution through the material resulting in a powerful capillary action (suction) achieving the highest absorption capacity of any material tested.

PerfectCLEAN® products are covered by one or more International and US patents, and patents pending, offering unique designs and “built-in antimicrobial protection.” [Patents: # 6,258,455 / 1185417(EU) / 2366399(CAN) / 6,275,995 / D458,721 / 7,172,091 / 770,478(AU)].