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How Your Household Cleaning Products Can Be Bad For Your Lungs


“Researchers say the chemicals in household cleaning products can damage your lungs as much as smoking cigarettes.”

With a Crash Course in Infection Prevention, the World Faces a New Normal

George Clarke

“While it will be at least many months and likely years before we fully understand the toll COVID-19 will take on the world, one thing is certain: We must learn from this pandemic, instituting better protocols and procedures in order to prevent and better respond to future crises.”

Disinfecting Child Care Sites

Stephanie M. Holm MD, MPH, Victoria Leonard RN, PhD, Timur Durrani MD, MPH, Mark D. Miller, MD, MPH

“Child care facilities have a difficult task in balancing the use of cleaning and disinfection agents for infection control with the potential health risks posed to children and staff by frequent use of these agents”

10 Reasons for Microfiber Mops

University of Massachusetts Lowell

“The microfibers have a positive charge that attracts dust, which has a negative charge. Dust and dirt particles are not only attracted to the microfiber, but are held tightly and not redistributed around the room”