About UMF Corporation

From the President

"By George!" is an old English phrase expressing astonishment, wonderment and zeal.

PerfectCLEAN is a revolutionary brand founded By George, George Clarke to be exact, a biologist who constantly expresses astonishment, wonderment, and zeal in his quest to save the world from contaminants and bacterial infections.

Some call him the Mad Scientist, Gadget Man, or Mr. Clean

He’s been referred to as a guardian angel and even a Super Hero. That’s because George Clarke will go above and beyond to reach disinfection perfection. First and foremost George is an inventor. He’s the pioneer of clean on a mission to break the mold in search of the latest and greatest breakthroughs in technology. And he will not quit. He will never stop looking for better, smarter, simpler, more effective, and affordable ways to find sustainable solutions for the cleaning and Infection Prevention industries.

You will not find any of his competitors as willing, able, or passionately driven to develop new and better “life-safe” products than George Clarke.

George will continue “reinventing clean” until the world has become a cleaner safer place for all mankind.

Because “By George,” that’s just who he is.