About UMF Corporation

Our Committment

I started PerfectCLEAN because I was determined to prevent bacterial infections from tragically affecting so many lives. The explosion of superbugs and contaminants in hospitals, hotels, Senior Living Centers, and many more places is not often talked about, but desperately needs to be dealt with.

As a biologist, I’m constantly dreaming up new and powerful ways to stop the spread of these horrendous superbugs. PerfectCLEAN has invented microfibers that are capable of removing 99.99% of all contaminants. Our scientifically proven disruptive technology delivers safer environmental hygiene with less effort, less waste, and less cost.

So my promise is to continue reinventing clean by producing sustainable superior products until we achieve “disinfection perfection,” resulting in a cleaner future for all mankind.

George Clarke
Founder and CEO of PerfectCLEAN

The PerfectCLEAN

Our PerfectCLEAN check mark is an icon that indicates that every product we sell has been researched tested and scientifically proven in our continuous endeavor of seeking perfection.

Our PerfectCLEAN check mark promises that every PerfectCLEAN product, educational offering, or training program will be designed to be best-in-class, innovative, sustainable, and affordable. PerfectCLEAN - Reinventing Clean.

Committed to Value

Getting the most for your money. Best Value means you will get the best in quality at the best price.

Delivery Priority

99.5% of orders received by 3pm are shipped on the same day - with no backorders.


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