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“I ordered from Rubbermaid before I came across PerfectCLEAN. It didn’t take me long to figure out that PerfectCLEAN offers a better product. Their products are actually perfect. At PerfectCLEAN they’re responsive, they’re reliable, and they’re reasonably priced. That’s what sets them apart. The other big difference is that their products last. They’ve got rags that last through over three or four hundred washings. So basically it’s a no-brainer to choose PerfectCLEAN.”Brian Harris
Environmental Services Director HRC Manorcare
“I was introduced to PerfectCLEAN and its products quite a few years ago and from the beginning, it just felt good and looked good. But what really mattered to me was that my employees liked it. They preferred it. PerfectCLEAN works better in the laundering process. It’s been tested and compared and it just wipes and cleans better. And then there’s George. If you need anything, he’ll get it for you. The man knows everything about microfiber towels. And he was a true hero during the pandemic. We got everything we needed in a timely manner. George and PerfectCLEAN were very supportive and their products were always available, unlike most other vendors. We’re talking great customer service. PerfectCLEAN is the Perfect name for what they do. And believe me the name is becoming more and more recognizable in the industry because the brand really is Perfect.”
Jesse Castaneda
Head of Environmental Services at Torrence Memorial
“The one word I would use to describe PerfectCLEAN is quality. If there was a beauty contest between all the brands I’ve worked with, PerfectCLEAN would surely win. But it’s not just about their products, it’s about the people. George Clarke is an innovator. He’s creative, he’s brilliant, he’s passionate. He can go way out on a limb talking about tech and microfibers. He goes way beyond my skill set. But he’s what makes the brand superior. He’s always inventing new things. Better things. Or a better new way. He thinks outside the box. He’s always one step ahead and he’s always been responsive, but never pushy. George is the brand.”
Randall Savage
Principal Hospitality Housekeeping &
Laundry Consulting LLC