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A unique NEW concept in disinfection
EPA List N: Disinfectants for coronavirus
EPA List K: Antimicrobial products effective against C. diff endopores
The only EPA-registered disinfectant with a biofilm kill claim
USP 800: effective as Deactivator, Decontaminant, Cleaner and Disinfectant

Why Klorese?

Simply by dissolving a Klorese tablet in water results in the most effective EPA-registered broad spectrum disinfectant. Klorese kills SARS coV-2, biofilm, human coronavirus, C. diff endospores, MRSA, E coli, Norovirus and many more

Key Features

  • Effective against all pathogens on the WHO Priority List
    and all antibiotic resistant ESKAPE bacteria
  • Touchless, simple, safe and effortless
  • Effectively Human: The active ingredient, Hypochlorous
    Acid, is the same chemical released by our immune system
    to fight infection
  • Increase productivity – eliminates transit time to utility
    room to refill
  • Sustainable: all packaging is recyclable and minimizes
    carbon footprint
  • Refill 32 oz. bottle from any water source (bathroom sink,
    drinking fountain, etc.)
  • Reduces storage space: a standard 4 quart tub of Klorese
    tablets equals 256 quarts of a Ready to Use disinfectant
  • Significant reduction in shipping costs
  • No dilution equipment to maintain or monitor

Klorese™: EPA Reg. No. 71847-7-9401

Klorese™ kills Norovirus and C. difficile quickly.

PerfectCLEAN + Klorese: The Perfect
Partnership for Infection Prevention

Together, PerfectCLEAN and Klorese form an
effective, simplified hygiene system. They’re the
only tools you need for cleaning and disinfecting
any surface in any room in any facility.

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For more information or to request a sample, email
info@perfectclean.com or call 888 920 0370.

Anything bleach can do, Klorese can do better.

Klorese vs. Bleach vs. Quats feature chart