April 30, 2024

UMF|PerfectCLEAN’s KLORESE™ Disinfectant and PerfectCLEAN Wiper Eliminate C. auris in Less Than One Minute

Powerful combination of KLORESE and PerfectCLEAN wiper is essential in the battle against deadly fungal infections

Northbrook, Ill. – April 30, 2024 – Independent testing shows that UMF|PerfectCLEAN’s KLORESE™ cleaner-disinfectant combined with a PerfectCLEAN wiper eliminates the deadly fungus Candida auris (C. auris) in less than one minute. Performed by leading contract services organization Integrated Pharma Services, the testing is further proof that KLORESE and PerfectCLEAN are the perfect combination for cleaning and disinfecting any surface in a healthcare facility.

C. auris on the rise in healthcare
Research indicates that a rise in severe fungal infections such as C. auris has resulted in more than 150 million cases annually and almost 1.7 million fatalities globally. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), multi-drug resistant Candida species including C. auris cause many preventable healthcare-associated infections (pHAIs).

Recognizing such fungal infections as a widespread threat to the entire healthcare system, the WHO issued a call to action for the healthcare community to protect people from such fungi. Cleaning and disinfecting patient care environments are primary infection control measures for preventing the transmission of C. auris in healthcare settings.

KLORESE + PerfectCLEAN: A powerful combination for eliminating C. auris
“Our testing results demonstrated that a PerfectCLEAN wiper combined with KLORESE, an EPA-registered cleaner-disinfectant, is capable of complete removal of C. auris from surfaces, retaining it in the wiper where it is exposed to KLORESE, which eliminated 100% of the C. auris in one minute or less,” said Dr. Mina Izadjoo, president and chief science officer at Integrated Pharma Services.

KLORESE and a PerfectCLEAN wiper help eliminate and prevent C. auris by:

  • Preventing surface transmission: C. auris can persist on surfaces for long periods. Thorough cleaning and disinfection reduce the chance of transmission from contaminated surfaces to patients, healthcare workers, and visitors.
  • Reducing cross-contamination: Environmental surfaces can serve as reservoirs for C. auris, allowing it to transfer to hands, medical equipment, and other surfaces. Effective cleaning and disinfection help minimize cross-contamination, preventing the introduction of the pathogen into new areas.
  • Protecting vulnerable populations: Individuals with weakened immune systems, such as patients in intensive care units or those undergoing invasive medical procedures, are at increased risk of C. auris infections. Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in their surroundings are critical for protecting these vulnerable populations from exposure to the pathogen.
  • Combatting Drug Resistance: C. auris is often resistant to multiple antifungal medications, making infections challenging to treat. Thorough cleaning and disinfection mitigate the spread of drug-resistant strains and preserve the efficacy of current treatments.

“The result of this testing further validates KLORESE combined with PerfectCLEAN wipers as essential in the fight against pHAIs such as C. auris,” said UMF|PerfectCLEAN CEO George Clarke. “With this powerful combination, Environmental Services teams can safely, effectively, and efficiently clean and disinfect surfaces throughout the healthcare facility. KLORESE and the PerfectCLEAN wiper are the only tools required to clean and disinfect any surface in any room.”

Added Clarke, “While patient health and safety is the utmost priority, the cost to treat C. auris and other pHAIs is considerable due to extended hospital stays, intensive care, diagnostic tests, and expensive medications. Effective environmental cleaning and disinfection help mitigate such costs by mitigating the risk of such infections.”

Reach out to learn how KLORESE and PerfectCLEAN can help your organization eliminate and prevent pHAIs such as C. auris.

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