February 1, 2021


A unique NEW concept in disinfection
Klorese Tablet Dispenser (KTD)

Sporicidal – 4 MINUTES for C. diff

EPA registered BioFilm claim

Effective across your entire facility

EPS Reg. No. 71847-7-94101
  • Effective against all pathogens on the WHO Priority List
  • Effective against all antibiotic resistant ESKAPE bacteria
  • Touchless, simple, safe and effortless
  • "Effectively Human" – same active ingredient (HOCL) as our immune system
  • Increase productivity – eliminates transit time to utility room to refill
  • Minimize cart storage: 72 quarts Klorese vs 1 RTU
  • Refill 32 oz. bottle from any water source (bathroom sink, drinking fountain, etc.)
  • Sustainable: reduced packaging & all packaging is recyclable
  • Significant reduction in storage space – 256 quarts in 4 quarts RTU space
  • Significant reduction in shipping cost
  • No dilution equipment to maintain or monitor

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