November 13, 2023

UMF|PerfectCLEAN Introduces QUICKfoam™>10, a Groundbreaking Solution for Eliminating Biofilm in Drains

QUICKfoam>10 quickly and effectively foams away biofilm in drains with Klorese™ disinfectant foam

NORTHBROOK, Ill., Nov. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- UMF|PerfectCLEAN is pleased to introduce QUICKfoam™>10, a game-changing product developed to transform the fight against biofilm in drains. QUICKfoam>10 is a 10-gallon, battery-powered foaming unit that generates high-density Klorese™ disinfectant foam to treat any size drain. Klorese is the only chemistry with a neutral pH that is EPA-registered to kill bacteria in biofilm and meets the legal requirements of EPA regulation 40 CFR 403 for sanitary sewer disposal, meaning it is safe to pour down the drain. Biofilm is a protective slime that makes pathogens highly resistant to disinfectants. QUICKfoam>10 foams away bacteria in biofilm safely, efficiently, and thoroughly.

"The pathogens that cause preventable healthcare-associated infections (pHAIs), many of which are antibiotic-resistant superbugs, can thrive in patient bathroom sinks and other drains in healthcare facilities," said UMF|PerfectCLEAN CEO George Clarke. "These pathogens form wet biofilm in drains and p-traps, allowing them to persist for long periods of time. They are difficult to remove and, according to the CDC, patients may be exposed when water splashes from the drain and the bacteria are aerosolized, contaminating the patient care zone. With QUICKfoam>10, our healthcare customers have an invaluable tool in mitigating the risk to patients from antibiotic-resistant organisms in biofilm. In addition to hospitals, QUICKfoam>10 can be used in any environment where wet biofilms might form, including drains in hotels, classrooms, and cleanrooms."

In February, the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology (SHEA), in combination with the Infectious Diseases Society of America, the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC), the American Hospital Association, and The Joint Commission, issued new guidance for preventing healthcare-associated infections (pHAIs) through hand hygiene. The guidelines included a recommendation to disinfect sink drains using an EPA-registered disinfectant with kill claims against bacteria in biofilm.

QUICKfoam>10 boasts a host of features and benefits that make it an indispensable addition to healthcare, education, controlled environments, food and beverage, and food processing. Key features and benefits of QUICKfoam>10 include:

  • High-Density Proprietary Klorese Foam Formulation: QUICKfoam>10 generates high-density Klorese foam that clears drains of all fluids in seconds. The foam coats the entire interior surface of drains, achieving results in minutes.
  • EPA-Registered and Neutral pH: Klorese, the core component of QUICKfoam>10, is EPA-registered to kill biofilm while maintaining a neutral pH. This makes it highly effective and environmentally friendly.
  • Battery Operated: QUICKfoam>10 is powered by a high-capacity battery and also runs on standard 110V power. This feature ensures uninterrupted performance and mobility.
  • Snap-on / Snap-off Accessories: Sink drain, floor drain, and spray wand tools are interchangeable.

Learn more about QUICKfoam>10 and its applications in your industry. And, to learn more about best practices for safely and efficiently eliminating wet biofilms in drains, check out our latest Clean Matters podcast with Dr. Rodney E. Rohde and UMF|PerfectCLEAN Vice President- Healthcare, Mark Hodgson.

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