We pride ourselves on creating the best product and support structure for our customers; from our COLOR-CODED system to the ABC's of Housekeeping. Some of our customers send some wonderful notes on their success with PerfectCLEAN®, and we wanted to share a little of what they like.

S.K. Grant

Coloma, Michigan

“My PerfectClean wipes are really amazing. The colors make it easy to spot the right wipe for the right job. I really like having a separate orange wiper for the bathroom. The best I have ever used.”


Denver Co.

“After staying overnight at a Westin the next morning I realized it was my best night’s sleep ever. Period. I wanted to duplicate this exact sleeping experience on my own bed in my own bedroom in my own home.I went down to the front desk and asked about it. They referred me to the housekeeping manager, who then directed me to the PerfectCLEAN® website where I found all the information I needed, so I bought a PCiPAD. And, I’m now happy to say, it’s part of my heavenly sleep experience at home.”

Dr. Jensen

“I use the perfectCLEAN flat mop and wipers around my office and my home. I love the comfort of knowing the mop is clean and ready to go whenever and wherever I need to use it, and the wipers make cleaning quick and easy”

Linda S


“PerfectCLEAN wipers clean and polish so much better than any other microfiber product available. Cleaning with PerfectCLEAN is easier, they absorb more, pick pu and remove everything”

Erich Schrempp

“High in the mountains of Utah I came upon a hiker who had seriously injured his foot. A number of people were already helping him, but no one had a clean absorbent cloth to wrap his wound. Lo and behold, I had a PerfectClean wiper that served as an outstanding field dressing for the wound which someone with more skilled hands than mine quickly applied. I always keep one of those in a Ziplock bag when we hike in the backcountry, and now I know why!”