Super Silk Wiper

Cleans & polishes appliances, such as dishwashers, coffee makers, and refrigerators. Removes or eliminates water spots and lime deposits on glass tables, shower doors, & windows. Helps prevent mirrors from fogging after cleaning. Ideal for cleaning, plastic, Lucite, chrome, and other fine polished surfaces. Perfect for computers, TV’s, and all other electronic equipment. Does not leave any lint. Use damp for best results, not wet.

Patented - Patent # US D683,544S

(TT280AM) Unique “super silky” texture knitted from the same micro-denier fiber used in all (refer to MATERIALS and SCIENCE) PerfectCLEAN products. Especially developed for cleaning Plasma and LCD screens, Lexan, plastic mirrors, and all other high gloss finished surfaces. Tightly knit so that cloth is less likely pick up and hold particulate that can scratch high polished surfaces.

12" x 12" Five (5) per pack