Scrub & Clean Sponge

The PerfectCLEAN® Orange® Scrub & Clean sponge was developed at the request of one of the largest hotel management companies. Problem: need a scrubber that could remove “sun tan oil ring-around-the-tub (and shower)” at tropical resorts, safely, without scratching or damaging the surface. After many prototypes and on-site testing the Scrub & Clean sponge was born (Orange® for washroom use only). Best practice is to use “One per Bathroom” - helps reduce cross-contamination. Use damp, NOT wet, to clean-dry then put in the laundry.

ORANGE® is a registered trademark of UMF Corporation.

One side is a dense terry-type material ideal for cleaning and the back side has “thin film” knitted into the surface to provide for a less aggressive scrubbing action. The terry side is made from TW420AM, a proprietary double sided terry material developed to meet the rigorous quality, durability and performance of the commercial laundry. Adhering to strictest Quality Control Standards the TW420AM material offers the highest concentration of micro-denier fiber resulting in unrivaled performance – it takes the effort out of cleaning.

Five (5) per pack