Cleaning Mitt

  • Permeates invisible crevices in surfaces to cut out dirt and grime
  • Traps and removes contaminants, absorbs and concentrates them in the Mitt.
  • Color-coded ORANGE® for washroom use only
  • Developed for one of the largest hotel and resort companies in the world to enable room attendants to be able to isolate the toilet when cleaning. One side of the Mitt is used to wipe down the tank and seat, then rotated and the opposite side is used for the bowl.
  • Helps reduce cross contamination

For best results, use damp, not wet.
ORANGE® is a registered trademark of UMF Corporation.

(TW420AM) PerfectCLEAN® high performance reusable Orange Mitt is made from the same material (refer to MATERIALS) as the All-Purpose wiper. This durable Mitt is color coded to match other “Orange®” products designed for the washroom.