Micrillon® Gloves

Micrillon® Gloves
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Sold in packs of 12 pairs.
Available in Medium, Large, X Large and XX Large

Micrillon Glove is a breathable, reusable PPE featuring umf's latest innovation: Micrillon.

Idea for hotel personnel, frontline workers, flight attendants, teachers, pharmacists, food service staff, agents and any other people-facing employees.

• Developed at the request of leading hotel brands
• Incorporates our new, advanced Micrillon chemistry
• Conductive fingertips for POS touch screen and smart phones
• Can be used as a liner for latex or nitrile disposable gloves
• Alleviate latex allergies
• Lint free and durable: 30+ washes
• Developed and manufactured entirely in the USA
• Launder before use and recharge with Klorese or other EPA registered chlorine-based product

Micrillon yarn features rechargeable antimicrobial product protection that eliminates bacteria and mold and inactivates viruses. Micrillon materials have been tested effective against Human Coronavirus, H!N! flue, MRSA, E. coli and other pathogens.