LENStronic Wiper

LENStronic Wiper
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  • Patented materials designed for the care and maintenance of a myriad of optics used in the field by the US war fighter.
  • Ideal for all smart phones, iPADS, Tablet PC’s, ski googles, visors and all other eyewear.

Patents # 6,258,455 & D685,544

The unrivaled performance achieved is purely physical. Proprietary manufacturing and printing processes utilize the finest micro-denier high performance fiber available. LENStronic is unique in its design and is extremely durable utilizing one of the smallest production micro-denier fibers made (~4 microns). It has a unique triangular wedged shape fiber, the volume of which radically increases the surface area and density of the finished material. Furthermore, the patented (international) “built-in antimicrobial product protection” (US patent # 6,258,455) results in a material that is capable of efficiently removing, trapping, absorbing and accumulating dust, dirt and oils including fingerprints and all other contaminants leaving virtually nothing behind, either dry or with a single drop of water.