Easy Grip Telescopic Handle

Easy Grip Telescopic Handle
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One (1) per pack

Short (x" to x") - 20.66
Long (33" -59") - 27.70

  • Designed for efficiency and comfort - adjustable to fit you.
  • Developed for the rigors of the commercial markets.
  • Telescopic: 33” – 59” for long
  • Telescopic: ?? - 22" for short
  • Fits the Flat Mop Frame in all sizes.

All hardware comes with a lifetime warranty.

Two closed-cell, non-absorbent, EVA foam Ergo-Grips for ease of use and comfort (can be easily cleaned and disinfected). Anodized tubing with heavy duty 1.0 mm wall thickness. Rugged Nylon external locking collar, swivel end-cap with eye & vent.