The PerfectCLEAN Post

We Color You Safe!

The PerfectCLEAN high-performance system is the ONLY True-Color Coded product line in the marketplace. That is - products are designed and colored for specific tasks. ORANGE products (the color Orange is a registered trademark of UMF Corporation), were designed and developed for use in any bathroom. BLUE products the patient and guest room, GREEN in the operating room, YELLOW for Intensive Care and GRAY products for common areas. Color-coding simplifies training, helps reduce chemical usage, but most importantly provides a straightforward and elegant way to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination which puts everyone at risk.

In healthcare especially, PerfectCLEAN sustainable color coded healthcare solutions have proven very effective in increasing HCAPHS scores (reducing pathogen levels) in support of mitigating the risk of HAI’s and providing a safer patient environment.

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