Protect your mattress investment and G.E.I. for just pennies a day

“Cleanliness is the #1 consideration in retaining customers and improving Guest Satisfaction Scores”

Having worked with Randy Savage, Director, Rooms and Related for Starwood, in developing the PCIPAD, we’re thrilled to offer the only mattress protector approved by all Starwood brand leaders.

The guest room mattress is a critical investment and has the greatest impact on your guests' experience. Now, with the PerfectCLEAN® PCIPAD, you can protect that investment for LESS than 5 cents per day and ensure every guest is treated to a pristine sleep experience that is free from odors and cross contamination.

Choose from "3" payment options to purchase the PCIPADs for your hotel:
1.  Purchase on Net 30 payment or credit card
2.  12-month credit card recurring equal payments (ask for details)
3.  36-month Lease-to-Own -- call us with questions.

With our innovative lease program, you can ensure your hotel has 100% complete mattress protection for any challenge — developed for you by umf Corporation, manufacturers of the PerfectCLEAN system of guest room hygiene products featured in Starwood’s ABC’s of Housekeeping.

For more information “click” (below) or call (888) 920-0370