January 25, 2018


PCI-PAD - Corner-to-Corner Matress Protection


Leading multi-brand international hotel company requested that umf, based on our healthcare background, develop a product that would address the issue related to the huge financial burden resulting from incontinence – peeing in the bed. The solution had to address a daunting criteria of 20+ points most importantly, the product could not have any impact on the sleep experience and had to provide corner-to-corner protection. Color-coding was added as an additional key feature.


  • Sizes color-coded:
  • PCI-PAD gives guests a "new bed" sleep experience
  • Protects your mattresses from accidents and spills with multi-layer protection
  • Improve guest room hygiene and reduces odor
  • Keeps your mattresses fresh and clean - eliminates all types of stains
  • Extends the life of your mattresses - protects the warranty
  • Durability - wash tested to exceed 50 commercial cycles
We Color You Safe!