PerfectCLEAN® can help your facility increase Patient Satisfaction Scores and provide a safer patient, staff and guest environment.
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PerfectCLEAN® has been implemented in thousands of hotel rooms nationwide to increase Guest Satisfaction Scores and provide for better green compliance and efficiency savings.
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PerfectCLEAN® can bring hospital-grade environmental hygiene to the classroom. Our materials have been issued worldwide patents for built-in antimicrobial protection.
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PerfectCLEAN® products help to bring hospital-grade cleanliness to food prep areas and offer cost-saving efficiencies to your food service business.
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PerfectCLEAN® products will help you create a shopping experience that leaves customers in awe and sets your store apart from the rest.
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UMF Corporation develops, manufactures, and distributes high performance textiles for the commercial cleaning and infection control markets under the brand name PerfectCLEAN®. We are only U.S. company that designs, engineers, and manufactures high-performance fibers and accessories to help its customers meet tough new challenges in public health and safety.
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Comprehensive Research

At PerfectCLEAN, we believe that true innovation begins with thorough research and development. That's why we're committed to pushing the boundaries of cleaning technology and constantly improving our products.

Advanced Materials

At PerfectCLEAN, we believe that the foundation of exceptional cleaning lies in the materials we use. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to sourcing and developing the most advanced materials for our cleaning products.

Unrivaled Performance

With meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality, PerfectCLEAN deliver cleaning tools that are built to outperform the competition and exceed your expectations.