Multi-Purpose Golf Towel

The Multi-Purpose Golf Towel removes everything that can be removed from a surface. Cuts out dirt & grime. Use slightly damp, NOT wet, for all cleaning chores around your gold bag including balls, shoes, and clubs. Simply mist PerfectCLEAN® to remove dried spots and stains. The convenient LENStronic wiper attached was developed to safely remove all types of soil from laptop computers, smart phones, binoculars (day & night) and all types of SLR camera lenses and outdoor eyewear.

The Multi-Purpose Golf Towel is made from TW420AM, a proprietary double sided terry material developed to meet the rigorous quality, durability and performance of the commercial laundry. Adhering to strictest Quality Control Standards the TW420AM material offers the highest concentration of micro-denier fiber resulting in unrivaled performance – it takes the effort out of cleaning. Also included is the (LT680AM), the PerfectCLEAN® Lenstronic wiper designed to safely clean anti-reflective coated lenses of all types. Tested by Colts Laboratories and proven that it won’t harm any type of lens, with or without antireflective coating, for the life of the lens. No-sew edges and the proprietary printing process used will not affect the performance nor is there any risk of scratching the lens. Lenstronic™ redefines quality and performance! Refer SCIENCE for more information.

One (1) per pack