Flat Mops

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Developed to withstand the rigors of the health care commercial laundry, the PerfectCLEAN® Flat Mops are the only products to meet and exceed durability testing by the largest commercial laundries in the United States and Canada. Understanding the cross-contamination and Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) issues in hospitals and nursing homes UMF developed the first line of color coded, chlorine stable, products and the “1 mop / 1 wiper per patient room” concept, which can eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. This simple process can be just as beneficial in the home – use the Orange Flat Mop in the bathroom and the Blue Flat Mop in the kitchen. These Flat Mops are made from the highest grade micro-denier fiber and contains the highest concentration of fiber resulting in unrivaled performance and is also further distinguished by its patented ‘Built-in Antimicrobial Protection’. Use dry for dusting & damp, NOT wet, to clean-dry. Simply mist PerfectCLEAN® to remove dried spots and stains. PerfectCLEAN® Flat Mops come in a variety of color coded sizes.

ORANGE® is a registered trademark of UMF Corporation.

(FM315AM) A unique material developed as the “working surface” for a variety of high performance Flat Mops. The FM315AM resulted from extensive prototyping and testing to ensure maximum performance while reducing drag on environmental surfaces. The FM315AM material offers the highest concentration of micro-denier fiber of any product available (refer to MATERIALS and SCIENCE ). The FM series of PerfectClean flat mops offered by UMF Corporation also has the advantage of a proprietary Hook & Loop backing material trademarked under the Perma-Loop™ brand. The FM315AM material is compatible with any commercial process, is chlorine stable and withstands temperatures up to 210° F thus ensuring a clinically acceptable process for health care. Color coding is also available. This patented material has the exclusive “built in antimicrobial product protection” (patent # US6,258,455; Canada # 2,366,399; EU # 1185417; plus others) and is converted into a wide range of high performance PerfectClean Flat Mops designed for damp and dust mopping for every application. Color coding is available.

12" x 5" Five (5) per pack


18" x 5" Five (5) per pack