Chenille Dusting Sleeve

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PerfectCLEAN’s high performance Chenille Flexible Duster Sleeve was developed for the hospitality industry providing an innovative, ergonomic tool that increases productivity reducing the time & labor required to clean.

Unmatched capacity to pick up and hold dust. This duster cover is made from dense chenille microfiber that’s sewn into a sleeve. This oversized cover works with our Flexible High Duster Handle. The plush design of the duster leaves plenty of room for dust and dirt to be stored so you can continue dusting without worrying about just pushing the dust around. It secures around its handle with a strip of Velcro® style hook and loop. The positively charged microfibers act as a magnet to attract and hold negatively charged dust particles. Our Chenille Microfiber High Duster Cover is machine washable and when cared for properly can last hundreds of washings.

PerfectCLEAN’s high performance Chenille Flexible Duster Sleeve is made with the finest micro-denier high performance fiber available and is extremely durable, washable and reusable. The high volume of fiber used radically increases the surface area and density of the finished material. Furthermore, the patented (international) “built-in antimicrobial product protection” (US patent # 6,258,455) results in a material that is capable of efficiently removing, trapping and accumulating dust, dirt and all other contaminants leaving virtually nothing behind.

12" x 12" Five (5) per pack


Green 4" x 20"
Blue 4" x 20"
Gray 4" x 20"