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PerfectCLEAN product array photo

PerfectCLEAN products are award winning, non-chemical antimicrobial microdenier fiber products developed for the medical and hospitality industries to block the spread of deadly contaminants. They are the only cleaning products patented with built-in antimicrobial product protection. This feature results not from chemicals or other toxic compounds but from the very structure of the fabric itself.

While they may look like the usual micro-fiber products from the outside, on the inside, it's far superior. The fibers in PerfectCLEAN are more accurately called microdeniers because of the triangular- shaped fibers that are 4-6 microns in size. These microscopic fibers outnumber normal microfiber by a factor of 10, providing far more surface area with which to trap and remove bacteria. They are snag-free and lint-free, too. The sheer quantity and shape of these fibers go far beyond cleaning just dirt and grime. They actually remove 99% of all bacteria!