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Micrillon® fibers

The first clinically acceptable, durable, bio-component family of high-performance fibers, designed and manufactured in the USA, incorporating Micrillon® which provides rechargeable antimicrobial product protection. The fibers have been independently challenged with a wide range of bacteria, endospores, viruses, and fungi, and have proven effective in minutes – not hours or days.

Comparison of one cocci of Methicillin Resistant S. aureus

50|50 Bio-Component splitable filament:

Micrillon is incorporated into the alternating fibers providing extremely effective rechargeable antimicrobial efficacy.

The filament (yarn) is split, after knitting, into 16 triangular,4-6 micron fibers.

Micrillon is a permanent, non-leaching polymer additive.

Micrillon fibers include numerous unique features and characteristics including:

  • Figure 1: Binds extremely high levels of chlorine molecules (NOT bleach) to the surface of every fiber.
  • Figure 2: Unique rapid color-metric test indicates level of antimicrobial activity within minutes.
Figure 1 - Elemental map of chlorine superimposed onto backscatter electron image of the fiber.
Ability to check Chlorination Level
Figure 2
Single Sheath & Core fiber

Sheath & Core fiber

Micrillon is added to the sheath which limits the amount of Micrillon additive required, resulting in increased antimicrobial efficacy.

50% polyamide & 50% polyester DIAMONDfiber


DIAMONDfiber is 50% polyamide and 50% polyester, extruded, bio-component filament that when split, results in 16 diamond shaped fibers.

DIAMONDfiber can also be made using the Islands in the Sea method.

Micrillon yarns are available for various applications including:

  • DIAMONDfiber – 50% PET / 50%PA splitable filament
  • Fully Drawn & Texturized Micrillon Sheath & Core
  • Micrillon Sheath & Core mat/carpet yarn
  • 65%polyester / 35% polyamide bio-component splitable fiber